#105 Jon Smith, Entity Framework Core 2.1 and Domain Driven Design


Jon Smith talks to me about Entity Framework Core 2.1, how to organize your EF code to meet the principles of domain driven design and his recent book on the topic.


Who he is, what he does. Leaving tech and coming back. Differences between EF 6 and EF Core, no more db initializer or data validation (by default), better adding and updating, lazy loading, less bugs in Core 2. How to layout your models, DTO’s, business logic, getters and setters, action methods and where to perform queries. Measuring performance and scalability of Entity Framework; Bryan rants about measuring performance yourself, Dapper vs EF, does performance always matter ; Entity Framework Extensions and Dapper Plus from ZZZ Projects. Unit testing, Ensure Created, how to test calls to stored procs with EF.


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