#65 Mads Torgersen, C# 7

Mads Torgersen, program manager for C# at Microsoft, talks to me about the upcoming release of C# 7.

Who he is, being the C# program manager; the favorite features he introduced as PM - linq and async, why linq was added, does the C# increment big features, was async as much of a success, complications are too well hidden, Stephen Toub blog; Mads won't tell me when C# 7 is coming out, new features, tuples + deconstruction, pattern matching; how Mads manages C#, boundaries and disagreements with other teams;  who makes decisions – being a "reluctant dictator"; managing resources at Microsoft; Microsoft and the C# standards bodies, why have the standards when Microsoft can do what they want; C# and the open source community, drawbacks of open source; final notes.

Quick video on C# 7.0

.NET Blog on C# 7.0

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#38 Mark Eisenberg, Private Cloud

Mark Eisenberg of Microsoft talks to me about the private cloud and why it has failed.

Definition of private cloud, virtualized data centers, getting value from the cloud; enterprise scale, web scale and hyper scale; differences between private and public cloud, daytime and nighttime workloads; cultural change is needed when adopting cloud; same software problem, different decade; companies expected cost reduction, but didn't get it; vertical scale doesn't work anymore, start small in cloud and grow; we got it wrong so often why would you expect anything different now; current state of private cloud; private cloud is failing; bringing in the skills to deploy private cloud, need exec buy-in; how to get buy-in; agility, complexity and cost example of success at Lowe's; wrap up.

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