#69 Rachel Roumeliotis, 2017 Technology Trends

Rachel Roumeliotis of O'Reilly Media spoke to me about technology and development trends for 2017.

Who she is and what she does. Upcoming conferences, OSCON and Fluent. Rachel and I discuss tech trends for 2017: open source, the big players, can every company do it? Code is not the only value, customer lock-in. "All businesses are software businesses", how common is that perception, is dev over valued sometimes. "Infrastructure changes", very hard to keep up, big companies telling small companies that they are doing things wrong. "The year of AI" - again; AI silos, no overarching system. Keeping the customer in mind when working with tech.

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OSCON, May 8th - 11th Austin, Texas.

Fluent, June 19th - 22nd, San Jose, California.

#16 Dennis Mortensen, x.ai, AI scheduling

Dennis Mortensen and I discuss x.ai, an AI personal assistant for scheduling meetings.

Dennis and I discuss his background, traditional analytics products, predictive analytics; x.ai, it “schedules meetings”, how it works, invisible software, people don’t have control panels or sliders, tuning Amy multiple calendars; humanizing Amy, pain does not have a syntax, democratizing having a personal assistant; scheduling nirvana, Amy work with Emily, elastic calendar; human speed; psychology of Amy, Amy is not an “it” and does not have features, Amy has skills and receives education; invisible interface; accepting Amy and stigma around AI PAs; is Amy dehumanizing, or is a control panel dehumanizing; why now for Amy, 1019 meetings and 672 reschedules in one year, not Turing ready; no app, maybe location awareness; audience of 87 million US knowledge workers, spreading word; when it will be available, thousands of users, tens of thousands meetings a day; backend, improving understanding, context; Amy’s truth, cultural differences, irony; architecture, no scaling problem, AWS, Scala, mongo; data and privacy; future of x.ai, flights, hotels, other languages, voice integration.

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